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Automotive Oil Dry Absorbents - Pads, Socks And Booms, Commercial Spill Kits & More

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Oil Eater Commercial Duty Spill Kit Oil Eater Sonic Bonded Pads - 15' x 18' Pads - Case of 100 Oil Eater Sonic Bonded Pad - Roll of 30'' x 150' Oil Eater Fine Fiber Pads - 15" x 18" - Case of 100
Product ID: 32 Product ID: 43 Product ID: 44 Product ID: 45
Oil Eater Heavy Fiber Pads - 15" x 18" - Case of 100 Oil Eater Universal Fine Fiber Pad - One 30" x 150' Roll Oil Eater Sonic Bonded Pads (Oil Only) 15" x 18" - Case of 100 Oil Eater Sonic Bonded Pad (Oil Only)  - One 30" x 150' Roll
Product ID: 46 Product ID: 47 Product ID: 48 Product ID: 49
Oil Eater TUFF-RUG - One 36" x 150' Roll Oil Eater Socks & Booms (Universal) - Case of 40 Oil Eater Socks & Booms (Oil Only) - Case of 30 Oil Eater Absorbent Drum Top Pads 22" - Case of 25
Product ID: 50 Product ID: 51 Product ID: 52 Product ID: 53
Oil Eater Transportation Spill Kit Oil-Dri Premium Absorbent (50 lb bag) White Boom 5"X10' Oil - Only Boom (4 PER BOX) White Boom 8"X10' Oil - Only Boom (4 PER CASE)
Product ID: 61 Product ID: 62 Product ID: 064 Product ID: 065
White Pad Roll 30"X150' (Medium Weight)
Product ID: 063

Extract moisture and absorb spills with premium quality oil absorbents from our assortment of pads, socks, booms, and spill kits. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our superior line of fine and heavy fiber pads, designed to keep oil and fluids in control to prevent hazards and promote a clean operation. In addition, our Oil Eater Commercial Duty Spill Kit can assist with the safe disposal of oil and unwanted material for EPA compliance.

Keller-Heartt works to supply the most efficient products for the best deals. We offer high quality, sonic bonded pads, sonically welded with polypropylene fibers, as well as TUFF-RUG 30' x 150' or 36' x 150' rolls for high-traffic areas and walkways.

For larger containment, our socks and booms can protect your drains and contain larger spills. Use these in conjunction with the Oil-Dri Premium Absorbent, and you can absorb any fluid with an easy clean up.