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Industrial Lubrication Equipment - Pumps, Reels, Metered Control Handles & More

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TIM-75 - Heavy Duty Lever Drum Pump TIM-74 - Rotary Hand Pump TIM-321 - Hand Pump w/Return Drain Tube Standard Grease Hand Pump - 4110
TIM-74 - Rotary Hand Pump
Our Price: $71.95
Product ID: 74 Product ID: 75 Product ID: 76 Product ID: 77
Heavy Duty Grease Hand Pump - 4130 Grease Hand Pump w/Flex Hose - 4111 5:1 Ratio Stub Oil Pump (LM-2305A-11B) 1/2" Diaphrgam Pump (66605J-322)
Product ID: 78 Product ID: 79 Product ID: 206 Product ID: 207
1" Diaphrgam Pump (666100-3C9C) Wall Mounted Pumping System For Oil & Anti-Freeze - 1/2" KIT (612999-1) Wall-Mounted Waste Oil Evacuation System - 1" Kit (612999-4) Tim-600-Fm Digital Metered Control Handle With Flex Ext
Product ID: 208 Product ID: 209 Product ID: 210 Product ID: 211
Tim-600-Rm Digital Metered Control Handle With Rigid Extension TIM-900A-2 Preset Digital Metered Control Handle Tim-650-Fm Mechanical Metered Control Handle With Flex Extension Tim-650-Rm Mechanical Metered Control Handle With Rigid Extension
Product ID: 212 Product ID: 213 Product ID: 214 Product ID: 215
Tim-3616-50A 50'X 3/8" Air/Water Reel Tim-3628-50 50'X1/2" Oil Reel Tim-3636-50 50'X 3/8" Grease Reel Portable Grease Pump Package for 35 LB Pail (LP-2002-AL)
Product ID: 216 Product ID: 218 Product ID: 219 Product ID: 220
Portable 120 LB Grease Pump Package Kit (LP-2006-AL) Portable 120 LB Grease Pump Package Kit (LP-3004-AL) Piggyback Filter/Regulator With Gauge 1/4"  (P-39124-624) Tim-390-A1 24 Gallon "Pumpless" Pressurized Oil Dispenser - Portable Kit
Product ID: 221 Product ID: 222 Product ID: 223 Product ID: 224
120Lb Portable Air Operated Gear Oil Pump Package Kit (Lp-2100-1) 275 Gallon Vertical Tank Package (275A-R23D) 275 Gallon Vertical Tank Package (275Av-R23D) 3:1 Ratio Thunder Stub Vare Oil Pump (LM-2203A-11C)
Product ID: 225 Product ID: 226 Product ID: 227 Product ID: 228
3:1 Stub Pump Installation Kit (LM-2203A-COMP) TIM-911-HF Preset Mechanical Control Handle Tim-315-Comp1 Conventional Waste Oil Drain 5:1 Stub Pump Installation Kit (LM-2305A-COMP)
Product ID: 229 Product ID: 230 Product ID: 231 Product ID: 234
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Our catalog of industrial lubrication equipment, from individual rotary hand pumps to fully stocked 275-gallon vertical tank packages, is an assortment of strong, durable, and precise instruments to pump and dispense oil, grease, air or water. Whether you require a portable kit for a 16 or 24-gallon drum, or an easily mountable hose reel, you can meet the needs of your operation with flexibility.

Those buying oil in bulk or performing a continuous function will benefit from the vertical tank packages that include a 500-gallon tank, 3:1 ratio ARO pump, oil reel package, digital meter, air filter, 5' air hose, tank gauge and fill cap.

We also understand that precision is key. For a controlled dispense, choose one of the Tim digital or mechanical metered control handles to preset fluid volume and prevent accidental dispensing.