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Mineral Spirits

Industrial Cleaners, Descalers, Degreasers & Solvents - Bulk Cases And Drums Available

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Solvent Cleaner - Case of 12 (20 oz Cans) Electrical Contact Cleaner from Claire - Case Of 12 (20 oz Cans) TRUEGARD Mineral Spirits Solvent - 105 Flash Point - 55 Gallon Drum TRUEGARD Mineral Spirits Solvent - 142 Flash Point - 55 Gallon Drum
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K-1 Kerosene - 55 Gallon Drum
Product ID: 202

Take advantage of our bulk sized packages of solvents and cleaners for commercial and industrial use. We provide aerosol cleaners in packs of 12 20oz. cans and solvents in 55-gallon drums that cover a wide range of applications.

Try the Claire Solvent Cleaner for use on forklifts, diesel engines, electrical components, gears, and other non-plastic surfaces to dissolve grease and dirt on contact. The Claire Electrical Contact Cleaner is plastic safe and can be used liberally on circuit breakers, generators, switches, and other electrical equipment without leaving residue.

In the 55-gallon drums, our TRUEGARD solvents serve as all-purpose cleaners with different flashpoints. Choose either the 105 flash point or 142 flash point formula depending on your requirements. For a clean burn, our K-1 Kerosene drum will clean any space heater, stove, or oil lamp.