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Lubrication Equipment - Pumps, Reels, Metered Control Handles & More

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TIM-75 - Heavy Duty Lever Drum Pump TIM-74 - Rotary Hand Pump TIM-321 - Hand Pump w/Return Drain Tube Standard Grease Hand Pump - 4110
TIM-74 - Rotary Hand Pump
Our Price: $71.95
Product ID: 74 Product ID: 75 Product ID: 76 Product ID: 77
Heavy Duty Grease Hand Pump - 4130 Grease Hand Pump w/Flex Hose - 4111 5:1 Ratio Stub Oil Pump (LM-2305A-11B) 1/2" Diaphrgam Pump (66605J-322)
Product ID: 78 Product ID: 79 Product ID: 206 Product ID: 207
1" Diaphrgam Pump (666100-3C9C) Wall Mounted Pumping System For Oil & Anti-Freeze - 1/2" KIT (612999-1) Wall-Mounted Waste Oil Evacuation System - 1" Kit (612999-4) Tim-600-Fm Digital Metered Control Handle With Flex Ext
Product ID: 208 Product ID: 209 Product ID: 210 Product ID: 211
Tim-600-Rm Digital Metered Control Handle With Rigid Extension TIM-900A-2 Preset Digital Metered Control Handle Tim-650-Fm Mechanical Metered Control Handle With Flex Extension Tim-650-Rm Mechanical Metered Control Handle With Rigid Extension
Product ID: 212 Product ID: 213 Product ID: 214 Product ID: 215
Tim-3616-50A 50'X 3/8" Air/Water Reel Tim-3628-50 50'X1/2" Oil Reel Tim-3636-50 50'X 3/8" Grease Reel Portable Grease Pump Package for 35 LB Pail (LP-2002-AL)
Product ID: 216 Product ID: 218 Product ID: 219 Product ID: 220
Portable 120 LB Grease Pump Package Kit (LP-2006-AL) Portable 120 LB Grease Pump Package Kit (LP-3004-AL) Piggyback Filter/Regulator With Gauge 1/4"  (P-39124-624) Tim-390-A1 24 Gallon "Pumpless" Pressurized Oil Dispenser - Portable Kit
Product ID: 221 Product ID: 222 Product ID: 223 Product ID: 224
120Lb Portable Air Operated Gear Oil Pump Package Kit (Lp-2100-1) 275 Gallon Vertical Tank Package (275A-R23D) 275 Gallon Vertical Tank Package (275Av-R23D) 3:1 Ratio Thunder Stub Vare Oil Pump (LM-2203A-11C)
Product ID: 225 Product ID: 226 Product ID: 227 Product ID: 228
3:1 Stub Pump Installation Kit (LM-2203A-COMP) TIM-911-HF Preset Mechanical Control Handle Tim-315-Comp1 Conventional Waste Oil Drain 5:1 Stub Pump Installation Kit (LM-2305A-COMP)
Product ID: 229 Product ID: 230 Product ID: 231 Product ID: 234
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At Keller-Heartt, providing our customers with high-quality grease pumps is among our many specialties. Our huge selection of lubrication equipment includes several varieties, styles and sizes so you can get exactly what you need to take care of all your vehicle maintenance. Whether you are looking for something that can reach deep inside hard-to-reach areas or something that dispenses liquids at high speeds, you will find what you're looking for in our comprehensive catalog of lubrication equipment.

Choose between easy-to-operate hand pumps with rotary systems and forced-air systems. We also carry hand pumps that feature flexible hoses, solid nozzles and return drain tubes for your convenience. We have hand-operated DEF drum pumps as well, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for in our extensive inventory. From small items like these to large, 110-volt tote tank DEF systems, Keller-Heartt has you covered.

Keller-Heartt also carries piggyback filter and regulator combinations. We have digital metered dispensers with control handles for oils and antifreeze that feature rigid nozzles, trigger guards and manual non-drip tips. Stainless steel automatic nozzles for dispensing liquids at high speeds, stub oil pumps and self-evacuating waste oil drains are also part of our collection because we know that your needs vary based on the numbers and types of vehicles you are servicing. You will also find 50-foot oil reel packages that include delivery hoses and host stops, as well as industrial-strength diaphragm pumps with aluminum bodies, preset mechanical control handles and pumpless 24-gallon oil dispensers in our catalog. Whether you are operating a maintenance shop as a business or you do all of the work for your fleet in-house, you will find all of the tools you need at Keller-Heartt.