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Shell Tellus S2 VX 68 Hydraulic Oil - 5 Gallon Pail
Shell Tellus S2 VX 68 Hydraulic Oil - 5 Gallon Pail

Featuring excellent viscosity control, Shell Tellus S2 VX 68 is a patented hydraulic fluid that performs under severe mechanical stress and extreme temperatures, from cold start to normal operating conditions. Shell Tellus S2 VX 68 extends equipment maintenance intervals and promotes system efficiency by helping to prevent chemical and thermal breakdowns. The advanced hydraulic fluid minimizes sludge deposits and promotes fluidity, cleanliness and water separation in hydraulic system. In addition, Shell Tellus S2 VX 68 features excellent stability in the presence of moisture, helping to prevent corrosion and rust in moist or humid environments.

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  • Long fluid life Maintenance saving Shell Tellus S2 VX fluids help extend equipment maintenance intervals by resisting thermal and chemical breakdown. This minimizes sludge formation and provides excellent performance in the industry standard ASTM D 943 TOST test (Turbine Oil Stability Test), providing better reliability and system cleanliness.
  • Shell Tellus S2 VX fluids also have good stability in the presence of moisture, which ensures long fluid life and reduces the risk of corrosion and rusting, particularly in moist or humid environments.
  • Highly shear stable viscosity modifiers help minimize variations in the fluid properties throughout the fluid drain interval.
  • Outstanding wear protection Proven zinc-based anti-wear additives are incorporated to be effective throughout the range of operating conditions, including low load and severe duty high load conditions.
  • Outstanding performance in a range of piston and vane pump tests, including the tough Denison T6C (dry and wet versions) and the demanding Vickers 35VQ25, demonstrates how Shell Tellus S2 VX fluids can help system components last longer.
  • Maintaining system efficiency The extended temperature range capability of Shell Tellus S2 VX allows efficient operation of mobile equipment from cold start to normal operating conditions.
  • Superior cleanliness, excellent filterability and high performance water separation, air release and anti-foam characteristics all help contribute to maintaining or enhancing the efficiency of hydraulic systems.
  • The unique additive system in Shell Tellus S2 VX, in combination with superior cleanliness (meeting the requirements of max ISO 4406 21/19/16 class, ex Shell filling lines. As recognized by DIN 51524 specification, the oil is exposed to various influences with transport and storage that could effect the cleanliness level) helps reduce the impact of contaminants on filter blocking, allowing both extended filter life and use of finer filtration for extra equipment protection.
  • Shell Tellus S2 VX fluids are formulated for fast air release without excessive foaming to help efficient hydraulic power transfer and minimize fluid and equipment impacts of cavitation-induced oxidation that can shorten fluid life.

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