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Do I Have to Have a Low VOC Brake Cleaner?

Whether in an industrial mechanic shop or an individual handyman, it’s important to know the regulations behind VOCs for automotive cleaners and brake cleaners.

Oil Prices Impacted by Renewed Iran Sanctions

With the White House’s recent decision to renew pre-2015 economic sanctions on Iran, oil prices are shifting and investors will be keeping a clos...

Keller-Heartt Honored with 2017 GLCA Supplier Member of the Year Award

Keller-Heartt Honored with 2017 GLCA Supplier Member of the Year Award.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid’s Significant Impact on Emissions Reduction

While using DEF easily reduces emissions and increases fuel economy, it’s important to remember that not just any Diesel Exhaust Fluid will suffice. Bad or outdated DEF can cause major damage to your vehicle resulting in downtime and costly repairs.

Keeping Your Car's Fluid Levels In-Check

Checking your vehicle’s main fluids is easy and beneficial to preventing issues before they happen. Here's a handy guide to keeping your car's fluid levels in-check.

What Makes Oil Changes Necessary?

When you check the dipstick under the hood, you notice the oil is black and gritty on the dipstick or tank. It’s time for an oil change. You know the signs, but do you understand the physical degradation that makes oil changes necessary?

What Do New CK-4 and FA-4 Oils Mean for Your Fleet?

Two new categories of engine oil were recently made available for gas and diesel engines to improve fuel economy, standardize engine technology, and adhere to EPA guidelines. The new CK-4 and FA-4 oils come as a replacement for old CJ-4 oils with more cost-saving benefits.

Keeping Used Oil Alive: The Importance of Recycling Oil

Learn about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling used oil. The life of your oil doesn’t have to die once it’s time for a drain.

Three Reasons Every Shop Needs a Parts Washer

Read about the three reasons every shop needs a parts washer. The most reliable way to create a more efficient production is to let an appropriate parts washer do the grit work for you.

Benefits of Fluid Storage Tanks for Complete Storage Management

Lubricants and other auto and industrial fluids’ packaging can take up quite a bit of space, leading to unnecessary labor, uncleanliness, and additional waste. The solution is to invest in fluid storage tanks. Read more about the benefits of fluid storage tanks.

FAQs About Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage

Learn about the FAQ's and benefits of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and why it is so important for your business.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Hydraulic Fluid Testing

Learn about the benefits of comprehensive hydraulic fluid testing for your shop.
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