Are You Using the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle?

As a leader in the lubricants and absorbents industry, Keller Heartt supports important stakeholders in the business who strive to consistently provide for the quality of lubricants in the market. One such force, the Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) assembled to protect the consumer and ensure that the right oils are being distributed and used. PQIA has, until recently, focused on randomly assessing the quality of engine oil and fluids from retail places, who mostly stock small scale fluids. Thomas Glenn, PQIA President, recently announced that in order to continue their assurance of lubricant quality, they will also test the specifications for bulk oils.

Though Keller Heartt supplies motor oil and other engine oils on a small scale; their primary focus is bulk lubricant distribution. Beginning last month, the PQIA will now sample bulk oil quality to ensure the quality conforms to the requirements necessary for new cars. Many companies out there, unfortunately, are continuing to market and sell their motor oils despite being an off-specification for those vehicles. Knowing the importance of the most current and up-to-date lubricants to keep vehicles at their prime performance, Keller Heartt continuously stays informed and makes changes to ensure their lubricant quality is the right fit for the vehicles.

The current American Petroleum Institute (API) sets performance standards for lubricants; specifications which distributors must adhere to in order to provide the best and safest lubricants for their customers. To ensure your motor oil is current with industry technical specifications, check for the API registered symbol on the products. The most current list of motor oil standards is provided by the API. For example, for 2010 GM, FORD and Chrysler model cars and new cars the recommendation by the API is SN-GF5 classification. If you’re confused or concerned by the standards needed for your vehicle or your customer’s vehicles, feel free to give the automobile lubricant experts at Keller Heartt a call: 1-800-423-7513.

At Keller Heartt, we’re happy to work with PQIA and subject our bulk motor oil and other engine oils to testing to show our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. You can trust the lubricants and absorbents from the family-owned and operated Keller Heartt.

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