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Easy Cleaning with Solvent Products

At the core of good maintenance is a quality solvent. Whether the culprit is oil, grease, paint, adhesive, or tar, a first-rate solvent will dissolve unwanted materials without causing corrosion, leaving residue, or emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. In doing so, solvents reveal hidden defects and help minimize deterioration of engines, electrical gear, tools, and other industrial equipment. This makes the equipment both safe and less likely to need a costly replacement. In addition, solvents and degreasers are used to clean and prepare vehicles and other components for final assembly or finishes, such as paint, during production.


While solvents are cost-effective in the long run, Keller-Heartt wants to add value by offering a ten percent discount for its solvent products during the month of October 2015. Keller-Heartt offers cases of twelve 20oz cans of solvent cleaners and electrical contact cleaners, as well as 55-gallon drums of TRUEGARD flash-point solvents.  Motors, generators, and electrical equipment will benefit from a 20oz can of solvent cleaner by Clair Manufacturing. This non-flammable solvent dissolves dirt and grease, and the spray does not contain chemicals that deplete the ozone.  For general-purpose cleaning, TRUEGARD solvents can clean garages and work areas with an anti-corrosion formula.


As with all solvents, safety precautions are necessary.  Paying attention to the type of formula—flammable, liquid, etc.—is important for both efficiency and protection.  The greatest safety hazards attributed to solvents are skin contact, inhalation, and prolonged exposure. Solvents can cause burns, rashes, headaches, nausea, and even damage to the liver, kidneys, and nervous system.  Pollution and explosions from flammable formulas can also be dangerous for both consumers and the environment, though liquid solvents have reduced emissions compared to vapor solvents. Consumers are encouraged to practice caution when performing maintenance with all solvents. 


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