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Get ready for fall with spotless vehicles

Fall is quickly approaching, and there is no better time to crack down on maintenance and prepare a fleet from the freezing temperatures and bitter conditions of winter. Keller-Heartt is helping customers get a head start on the process with a special 10% discount on its Oil Eater® Fleet Wash products through the month of September.

Fleet wash products provide a host of benefits beyond sparkle and shine. It may be easy to overlook the importance of a vehicle’s exterior maintenance in relation to its interior mechanics, but a clean vehicle is a more profitable vehicle.  A clean fleet demonstrates professionalism and gives customers a sense of trust that can boost business and increase loyalty. In addition to reputation, a clean vehicle enhances safety and visibility, especially in volatile winter weather, as well as vehicle efficiency. Grime, grease, and other substances create unnecessary weight, which reduces fuel efficiency in the long-term.

Keller-Heartt’s discount covers all Oil Eater® Fleet Wash sizes, including a case of four one-gallon jugs, a five-gallon pail, and a 55-gallon drum. Take advantage of the bulk sizes with the 55-gallon drum (currently priced at $460.25) for a great value. Oil Eater® Fleet Wash contains an “Ultra” concentrated, low VOC emission formula without any harmful acids. All fleet wash products work with hard and soft water and remove grease and grime without clogging spray nozzles.
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