How Can You Reduce Harmful Diesel Emissions Without Sacrificing Performance?

Most heavy truck owners and fleet operators choose Diesel powered vehicles due to some distinct advantages they offer over gas powered engines. First, they offer great mileage, delivering up to 30% better fuel economy than gasoline engines that offer similar performance. Due to the process that makes a Diesel engine run, one can expect a powerful engine that delivers a much greater amount of torque to the driveshaft than a gasoline engine can. Diesel engines are also built more ruggedly to withstand high levels of compression and do not use spark plugs so there's no need for costly and time consuming ignition tune-ups. A diesel powered vehicle tends to operate much longer than gasoline powered vehicles before any major repairs are required. In fact, Mercedes-Benz holds the longevity record with several vehicles clocking more than 900,000 miles on their original engines!
Despite all of the advantages that Diesel can offer, there is a drawback when it comes to emissions. High pressure and temperatures inside Diesel engines produce significant amounts of gaseous Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) which are a precursor to smog and acid rain. The Environmental Protection Agency has passed multiple laws requiring vehicles to emit less harmful chemicals into the environment and Diesel powered vehicles are no exception. The Diesel industry needed to come up with a way to comply with the environmental laws without losing the efficiency and power that operators rely on.
The solution to the emissions obstacle is Diesel Exhaust Fluid, a non-hazardous, non-toxic solution made with 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water which is injected into the exhaust stream of Diesel vehicles to reduce emissions. The process is called Selective Catalytic Reduction, a means of converting NOx emissions to much less harmful chemicals, Water and Nitrogen. Not only does the use of DEF systems keep Diesel operators in compliance with environmental laws, it also improves combustion and can increase fuel efficiency.
Keller-Heartt is offering 5% Off TerraCair Diesel Exhaust Fluid now through February 14th, 2016 with the code DEF5. TerraCair is North America's leading Diesel Exhaust Fluid brand and works incredibly well in engines that utilize Selective Catalytic Reduction. Completely formaldehyde-free and extremely low in heavy metals, this pure exhaust fluid is essential for clean operation.
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