Oil Eater® Ranks 2nd Among Leading Degreasers in Waste Forum’s Investigation

Degreasers are essential for clearing away difficult substances like oil and grease from hard surfaces, and while it’s not easy to remove the grime, choosing the right degreaser can be half the battle. In a 2013 independent study conducted by The Waste Minimization Forum (wastemin.com), a forum dedicated to discussing the minimization of industrial waste, the top 15 leading degreasers were ranked based on cleaning effectiveness, price, and safety risks. Among the top rated degreasers was Oil Eater® Cleaner & Degreaser, a brand backed by Keller-Heartt, coming in at number two.

In order to create an impartial ranking, the forum sent 15 retail-bought degreasers to independent labs for ASTM Standard testing. Cleaning effectiveness results were then combined with other factors (price, health hazards, etc.) in order to give an overall objective score.

Based on the ranking’s criteria, Oil Eater® Cleaner & Degreaser was given an overall score of 83%, as well as the distinction, “Best Bang for the Buck.” Oil Eater® is a water-based degreaser that is safe to use and easy on most surfaces. At 99 percent cleaning effectiveness on oil and 69 percent effectiveness on grease, Oil Eater® was ranked second to CRC Hydroforce Industrial Degreaser by only eight percent overall and remained half the price per gallon at 15 dollars. While Oil Eater® is tied overall with Purple Power Industrial Strength, The Waste Minimization Forum concluded that Oil Eater® had a lower health risk.

The forum did not stop there. Since some may argue that water-based degreasers are corrosive, the caustic effects of the top degreasers were tested. To test this characteristic, the forum sprayed CRC Hydroforce Industrial Degreaser and Oil Eater® onto two steel panels—a bare panel served as a control—and placed them in humidity cabinets to accelerate corrosion. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the solvent-based degreaser (CRC) promoted rust in under two hours, twice as fast as its water-solvent competitor (Oil Eater®).

These findings provide important insight for consumers who want a product that performs beyond the advertised surface-level cleaning. The forum’s ranking highlights products like Oil Eater® Cleaner & Degreaser with mindfulness for a wider audience that also emphasizes safety, sustainability, abrasiveness, and value.

You can read the full details on the ranking here.
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