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Shell Lubrication Best Practices and a FREE Plant Assessment

shell oilWith the economy where it is now, many companies have to downsize just to stay in business. This means more responsibilities for less people. As if this doesn’t make it difficult enough for employees, there are still requirements that must be met in order to stay in compliance with federal law. For instance, OSHA requires that a MSDS (material safety data sheet) must be kept on hand for chemicals like motor oil, industrial grease, WD-40, and many others. In the midst of the chaos inherent in handling such an increased number of responsibilities, it’s easy for best practices to become less of a priority, with the opportunities for mishaps to increase as a result. This could lead to citations from the Feds, accidents, higher costs, and even accidental injuries or death.

In partnership with Shell Oil, Keller-Heartt is offering their customers a FREE plant assessment to help them stay on top of best practices, saving them big money by helping to keep equipment running efficiently with little to no downtime. Aside from the fact that the plant assessment is FREE, it would be a good idea even if it did cost money as the knowledge gleaned alone will save a lot of capital. The return on investment for maintaining proper lubrication and best practices is documented to be at a ratio of 1:40. According to The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, for every $1,000 spent on quality lubricants and best practices, a company will save $40,000.

Keller-Heartt’s partnership with Shell is a complete win for customers, as Shell is the best in the business when it comes to lubrication:
  • Shell Oil is #1 in market share for finished lubricants.
  • Shell Oil is #1 in research and development. No other oil company invests more in the R&D of their products globally.
  • Shell Oil has the most advanced technical support teams in the industry.
  • Shell Oil has proven industry leading support programs.
The focal idea of a plant assessment is to maintain equipment reliability, and to do so safely and responsibly. Areas covered in a plant assessment include:
  • Planning
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Contamination Control
  • Training
  • Standard Procedures
  • Product Application
  • Storage & Handling
With a FREE plant assessment, customers will be knowledgeable in the areas of lubricant storage, lubricant dispensing equipment, lubrication scheduling, training, oil sampling and analysis, miscellaneous equipment findings, product leakage, hydraulic systems, central lubrication systems, mobile equipment, housekeeping, potential environmental concerns, and potential safety concerns.

Aside from providing this FREE plant assessment, Keller-Heartt offers a complete inventory of lubrications for bulk, drum, and packaged goods, maintaining an extensive delivery fleet of bulk tankers with load capacities up to 60,000 gallons. Keller-Heartt even has an emergency delivery system so that they can meet consumer demands as quickly as possible.

Plant assessments are implemented by skilled professionals with extensive technical and engineering backgrounds with the experience to solve even the most challenging lubrication problems.  

About the Author: Keller-Heartt has been providing industry with lubrication supplies and absorption products since 1929. As a leader in the industry able to make most deliveries within 48 hours, Keller-Heartt only offers the best lubricants such as Shell Tellus hydraulic oil and Shell Gadus S3 220 C2 grease. Their products can be purchased at www.kellerheartt.com.
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