Shell Rotella T Motor Oil

Shell Rotella TWith all the choices available for motor oil, it can be cumbersome to figure out which motor oil is the best for your vehicle. Shell Rotella T is a relatively new synthetic base blend from Shell Oil, a long-standing industry leader in the development of lubricants, and is a great choice whether you drive a car, truck, big rig, boat, motorcycle, or are operating heavy equipment.

This isn’t just conjecture, either. There are numbers to back it up.

In 2009, Shell conducted a large-scale trial of medium-duty trucks with city and highway driving patterns being a factor. Shell Rotella T increased fuel-economy savings of up to 1.6% in the trial, further supporting the idea that fuel-economy savings can help lower operation and maintenance

Further benefits of Shell Rotella T Oil include:

Protects against acid buildup that can contribute to corrosive wear.
Facilitates high performance in low-temperatures
Protects the durability of starters and batteries during harsh winter climates
Prevents bore polish in the cylinder liners, thus providing exceptional wear control
Provides excellent piston cleanliness and sludge control

Keller-Heart has been selling lubrication products and supplies since 1929, and offers a complete inventory of Shell Rotella T to customers in both small and bulk purchases.

Regardless of the type of engine, Keller-Heart most likely has a compatible Shell Rotella product. Product offerings include:

Shell Rotella 15w40 in both Triple Protection and Heavy Duty varieties
• Shell Rotella T1 SAE 30 Triple Protection
• Shell Rotella T1 40w Triple Protection

Keller-Heartt also carries the best elc antifreeze, Rotella Ultra ELC Antifreeze, designed to provide complete protection of all Cooling system components.

About the Author: For over 84 years, Keller-Heartt has been supplying its customers with the best in lubrication supplies and absorbents for both heavy industry and vehicle fleets. Keller-Heartt’s robust delivery fleet makes it possible to meet the high demand of its customers in a timely fashion all over the US, and their staff is experienced in the technical and logistical demands of customers. Their products can be ordered online at
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