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What Do New CK-4 and FA-4 Oils Mean for Your Fleet?

Two new categories of engine oil were recently made available for gas and diesel engines to improve fuel economy, standardize engine technology, and adhere to EPA guidelines. The new CK-4 and FA-4 oils come as a replacement for old CJ-4 oils with more cost-saving benefits.

Beat the Cold with Shell Rotella® T6

A low-viscosity engine oil that can flow effortlessly through the system’s moving parts is the best option for cold weather that makes oil thick and sluggish. At Keller-Heartt, we recommend the Shell Rotella® T6.

Shell Rotella: Leading the Next Generation of Heavy-Duty Motor Oil

Understanding the next generation of Shell's most trusted motor oil, Shell Rotella.

Preparing for Autumn with Shell Rotella Oil & Antifreeze

Learn how to prepare your fleet for Fall with high-efficiency lubricants from Shell.

Shell Rotella T Motor Oil

Learn why Shell Rotella T might be the best motor oil option for your engine.
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