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The Benefits of Balanced Hydraulic Fluids

It’s no secret that people like to accomplish a large amount of work with minimal effort, particularly when it comes to our vehicles and machinery.  Hydraulic fluids are especially critical for transferring energy in equipment so that we can do heavy lifting without the elbow grease, which is why being good to your hydraulic system means that it will be good to you.


The proper hydraulic oil can make or break a hydraulic system.  Hydraulic fluids do more than transfer energy. These products also operate as lubricants that reduce friction and wear, dissipate heat, and remove corrosive material and rust to increase the lifespan of the equipment.  The right fluid can optimize volumetric efficiency by preventing leakage that leads to flow losses, or it can optimize mechanical efficiency so that equipment requires less energy to move the fluids.


Viscosity, or thickness, is key in decreasing the likelihood of extra maintenance costs related to wear or overheating. Choosing a fluid with higher viscosity for a low temperature environment, for example, can cause cavitation from air bubbles and reduce pump efficiency due to flow resistance. Alternatively, inadequate viscosity in high operating temperatures can thin the oil and increase internal leakages and wear.  The correct balance is imperative to keep equipment healthy. 


The right hydraulic oil is out there, and Keller-Heartt Oil is offering a five percent discount on its hydraulic fluids through the end of January with the code: HOIL5. The discount covers bulk sizes of Shell Tellus S2, S3, S4, and TRUEGARD AW products of all viscosity grades so that you can choose the correct grade for your equipment and temperature range. 


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