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The Long Term Outlook on Electric Cars

Keller Heart Oils Keeps an Eye on Electric Cars
As technology continues to innovate, every industry is experiencing changes that are enhancing the quality of life of consumers, and the automotive industry is one of them. Among other things, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular.

Better for the Environment

Global warming continues to receive attention by concerned people the world over, and the purchase of an electric vehicle is a significant way to reduce one's carbon footprint. Internal combustion engines emit harmful fumes that are accused of contributing to the rising temperatures and reduction in the ozone layer. Best of all, they only use only 33% the amount of energy as their internal combustion counterparts.

Furthermore, electric vehicles are far more efficient than internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines are prone to heat and inertia losses that cause drivers to ultimately pay more than they would driving an electric car.

Reduces Dependence on Foreign Oil

While many realize that there are environmental advantages associated with utilizing electric vehicles, the economic value is often overlooked. Because electric vehicles can use a variety of components as energy sources such as wind, solar and carbon fuels, the economy is boosted as most of these sources are available within the country.

Driving Range Continuing to Improve

A concern of many consumers when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle is the range between fuel charges, and this is becoming less of a concern due to advancements being made now and into the future.

For example, the Chevy Volt now offers an unlimited charge given the driver continues to add gasoline. This powers an on-board generator that ensures the car stays charged. Best of all, the driver is able to drive over 150 miles on a single gallon of gas as the generator does not take much fuel to operate.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Every day, new discoveries are made in the automotive industry that are compelling a larger amount of consumers to consider the purchase of an electric vehicle. For example, fuel cell cars are expected to hit the market in the coming years, and these vehicles are powered by an electric drivetrain. It is expected that more vehicles will also be manufactured that utilize natural gases to propel the vehicle; however, rather than combustion, they use chemical reactions.

The advancements being made in electric vehicles are vast. Due to their heightened efficiency and benefits to the environment, they will likely dominate the industry in decades to come.

Keller Heartt offers oil solutions for today and tomorrow and keeps a close eye on trends in the automotive industry.  Stay tuned, we will continue to post about traditional and alternative fuels.
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