Which Pennzoil Lubricant is Right for Me?

With a huge range of motor oils out there, catered to different engines types and their various amounts of wear, it might be hard to figure out which motor oil is best for you.

There are four different types of Pennzoil motor oil that we’ll detail below:

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil: In general, synthetic motor oils should have better mechanical performance and extreme high or low temperatures because of their manufacturing. Synthetic motor oils were developed in labs by a team of chemists, engineers and scientists who carefully mixed the right additives for best protection, engine cleaning and durability.

    For a synthetic motor oil, you have two choices from Pennzoil: either Pennzoil Ultra: Ultra Class Full Synthetic or the new Pennzoil Platinum: Advanced Full Synthetic motor oil.

  2. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: Synthetic blend motor oil, also known as semi-synthetic oil, is motor oil that contains less than 30% synthetic oil. The synthetic oil is blended with conventional base oils to provide better low-temperature functionality. This is recommended for heavy duty vehicles that transport big loads.

    For a great Pennzoil synthetic blend motor oil, try Pennzoil Gold: Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

  3. High-Mileage Motor Oil: For those of you driving “ol’ faithfuls” or just vehicles that have quite a few miles under their belts (over 75,000 miles), a motor oil designed for high mileage is right for you. High-mileage motor oil blends work to improve performance in older engines.

    Pennzoil offers Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle to meet this need.

  4. Conventional Motor Oil: Conventional motor oil is recommended for those regular drivers driving newer cars in newer models. A huge variety of viscosity grades and quality levels exist for conventional motor oil, but unfortunately more and more cars are requiring a synthetic oil; therefore, make sure to check before you put conventional motor oil in your vehicle.

    Pennzoil offers its recognizable yellow bottle of conventional Pennzoil Motor Oil.

If you have any questions regarding which motor oil is right for you, or if you’re a mechanic shop needing bulk motor oil, give us a call at Keller Heartt. We’re happy to fulfill orders quickly and can even distribute supplies within 48 hours in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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