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Shell Lubrication Best Practices and a FREE Plant Assessment

In a partnership with Shell Oil, Keller-Heartt is offering their customers a FREE plant assessment to help them stay on top of best practices, saving them big money by helping to keep equipment running efficiently with little-to-no downtime.

How to Properly Dispose Oil Absorbents

Learn the best ways to safely remove oil spills or residue.

The Long Term Outlook on Electric Cars

Learn why electric cars should be the vehicle of the future.

Winter Versus Summer Wiper Blades

Find out the surprising differences, as well as the many applications of winter and summer wiper blades for your vehicle.

Which Pennzoil Lubricant is Right for Me?

With a huge range of motor oils out there, catered to different engines types and their various amounts of wear, it might be hard to figure out wh...

Are You Using the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle?

The current American Petroleum Institute (API) sets performance standards for lubricants; specifications which distributors must adhere to in order to provide the best and safest lubricants for their customers. To ensure your motor oil is current with industry technical specifications, check for the API registered symbol on the products. 

Americana - Beautiful Old Gas Stations

Check out beautiful pictures from some of America's oldest gas stations.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid News Atlantic Region Energy Expo (AREE)Atlantic City, NJ

Diesel Exhaust Fluid News a Atlantic Region Energy Expo (AREE) Atlantic City, NJ - Atlantic City Convention Center Date:...
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