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Heat Transfer FLUIDS

What They Do

Heat transfer fluids are high-performance thermal oils used to transmit heat from one system to another, providing a cooling agent during the transfer of heat, typically when moving through an engine or bathing a mechanical part. They are also commonly used as preservatives for consumables.

Ethylene Glycol

An odorless, colorless organic liquid additive, often used as an industrial coolant and solvent, which is also a raw material during the production of many commercial products.

Propylene Glycol

A colorless organic liquid, mostly used in the production of polyester resins and as a preserative in food/tobacco products. Also commonly used for freeze and corrosion protection.

Ethylene Glycol Vs. Propylene Glycol

Property Ethylene Glycol Propylene Glycol More Detail
Biodegrading Higher Lower EG = 10-30 Days to Degrade
PG = 20-30+ Days to Degrade
Chemical Oxygen Demand Lower Higher EG = 2.06 mg/L
PG = 2.23 mg/L
Flammability Lower Lower EG = Flammable at 115? / 210?
PG = Boiling Point at 186.2? / 370.6?
Freeze Point Depression Higher Lower Add additional Antifreeze to Propylene Glycol to achieve same freeze point Ethylene Glycol
Heat Transfer Efficiency Lower Higher Ethylene Glycol has better heat transfer capabilities due to lower viscosity
Toxic Higher Lower Ethlyene Glycol is not safe in drinking water or food processing of any kind
Why Keller-Heartt?

At Keller-Heartt, we carry numerous formulas of both Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol, readily available in bulk quantities, including 55 gallon drums. All solutions come at the lowest prices online and can be facilitated by our highly-technical support staff, who are ready to fulfill your order immediately.

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