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What is Antifreeze?

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is an essential fluid that prolongs machine life by keeping car and truck engine systems from overheating. Antifreeze is typically made from a combination of water and ethylene glycol (C2H602). The proper antifreeze will provide superior heat transfer for engines, while offering protection against cavitation and corrosion, to ensure your engine can run smoothly for longer periods of time.

How does Antifreeze work?

Ideal Boiling and Freezing Points

Ideal Boiling & Freezing Points

To maintain a cooling system's ideal temperature, antifreeze is pumped through the engine and heater core of your vehicle, simultaneously lowering the freezing point and raising the boiling point of the engine's water and fluid.

Prevents Engine Damage

Prevents Engine Damage

In cooler climates, antifreeze prevents water in the engine from freezing and damaging essential engine parts. Antifreeze coolant alleviates engine stressors, such as overheating and cracking caused by higher air temperatures and combustion heat created in the engine core itself.

More Advanced Than Water

More Advanced Than H2O

Using water as engine coolant is common, but not recommended - especially in winter months. Since water expands upon freezing, the extra pressure causes engine damage. Adding more water only furthers the problem. Antifreeze dilutes the water and prevents it from freezing.

Which Antifreeze should I purchase?

Different engines have different antifreeze requirements, so choosing the proper antifreeze for your vehicle can be tough. This is because certain antifreeze only work under specific conditions. Let's evaluate the options.

Types Of Antifreeze Make-Up Application Color Product Lines
Conventional Coolant Our pre-diluted conventional coolant uses nitrites, silicates, phosphates and borates. However, these materials deplete and need to be replenished. By adding more normal coolant, during extreme temperatures, plating occurs and the materials begin to stick to the wall. That's why ELC is needed for heavier and more frequent usage.
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Green
Extended Life Coolant (ELC) Extended Life Coolant (ELC) Antifreeze uses advanced organic acid technology to protect the engine, without using harsh corrosion inhibitors like silicates and phosphates. ELC decreases the chance of water pump seal failure and improves hard water capability, lengthening service intervals and improving maintenance costs. ELC can only be used on select engines because the organic acid components are incompatible with certain materials like brass and silicone.
  • Trucking
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Red
  • Orange (DexCool)
  • Yellow (Rotella ELC)
Global Antifreeze Global antifreeze serves the same purpose as ELC, but uses hybrid technologies that can be mixed with Extended Life Antifreeze, making Global Antifreeze ideal for mixed fleets.
  • Mixed Fleets
  • Trucking
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Yellow
Marine RV Antifreeze The inhibited formula of Marvine RV antifreeze coolant provides unsurpassed rust prevention and metal corrosion protection properties and is safe for all metal and plastic pipes commonly found in water supply systems.
  • Recreational Vehicle Water Systems
  • Vacation Homes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Swimming Pool Filtration Systems
  • Pink (200)
  • Green (100)
  • Pink (50)

To cater to all of your specific engine needs, Keller-Heartt carries a large variety of Conventional Coolant, Extended Life Coolant, Global Antifreeze and Marine RV Antifreeze, all available at near-wholesale prices. Keller-Heartt offers various lines of ShellZone Antifreeze, Shell Dex Cool, and TRUEGARD Antifreeze in a range of gallon-based cases to 55-gallon drums, ideal for large maintenance shops and fleets of company drivers.

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