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Food-Grade Propylene Glycol

What is Food-Grade Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol comes from petroleum and is a viscous, colorless, odorless substance with a sweet taste. Food manufacturers use Propylene Glycol for it’s ability to keep substances moist, maintain substance texture, and mix with most lubricants, oil, alcohol, water. This highly useful glycol is commonly used as a food additive in processed or ready-made food items.

What Does Food-Grade and USP Mean?

Not all Propylene Glycol is food grade. Food Grade Propylene Glycol must say USP on the barrel to be the official type. The USP is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide. This allows the product to be placed in food-related products in small quantities.

How Do I Dilute Propylene Glycol and Protect Against Freeze Protection?

Remember, Propylene Glycol begins to slush before freezing. If this is happening, purchase a Glycol refractometer. These easy to use test tools tell users the freeze point of their Glycol. If the Glycol still needs further dilution, simply add more Glycol.

Propylene Glycol molecule

How Do I Add Propylene Glycol To A Solution And Obtain Proper Freeze Point Protection?

First, determine your preferred freeze point protection, using our handy Propylene Glycol Freeze Chart as a guideline.

  • 30% Propylene Glycol provide protection to 5° F
  • 40% Propylene Glycol provide protection to -20° F
  • 50% Propylene Glycol provide protection to -35° F

Make sure to use your Glycol refractometer to double check the freeze point, after the solution has been made.

Freezing Points of Aqueous Solutions of Propylene Glycol

Freezing Points of Aqueous Solutions of Propylene Glycol
TRUEGARD Propylene Glycol 55 gallon drum

How Can I Transfer Propylene Glycol from a Drum?

To avoid spillage and waste, we recommend using our wide variety of Dispense Equipment when transferring Propylene Glycol. Our wide selection of pump packages and pump accessories removes the heavy-lifting, offering a clean and seamless transfer.

What Is Inhibited Heat Glycol?

Inhibited Propylene Glycol refers to lubricant that contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your water system from corrosion. DO NOT use Inhibited Heat Glycol or Corrosion Inhibited Glycol in a Food or Beverage application. Even USP versions of Inhibited Heat Glycol cannot be used in Food and Beverage applications.

How Much Propylene Glycol Should Be Used In Our Chiller System?

Since each chiller system is built different, you must consult your manufacturer on the proper Propylene Glycol dilution percentage. However, a general rule of thumb suggests less Glycol is best, when on the fence. Since Prop Glycol is high in viscosity, too heavy of a solution may put extra stress on your Glycol system pumps.

Propylene Glycol System Pump

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Food-Grade Propylene Glycol?

We readily offer Food-Grade USP Kosher Propylene Glycol on our site in volume sizes like 55 Gallon Drums. No application is required. Plus, we offer free shipping on every order!

Buy Food-Grade Propylene Glycol
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