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Shell DPQA Program & Initiative

Keller-Heartt has been certified by Shell's Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) program. This quality assurance program is the lubricant industry's most stringent national inspection for bulk lubricant handling and packaging.

DPQA Certificate

Shell Lubricants and Keller-Heartt are committed to continuous quality improvements. Customers expect this commitment from Shell and their Distributors. The Distributor Product Quality Assurance Program provides standards and inspections to assist and monitor the quality of Distributors who are authorized to handle and or repackage bulk lubricants. This is accomplished by contractually requiring any Distributor to meet and maintain a “DPQA” quality system, which is designed to provide customers with the highest quality products possible.

Shell DPQA : Distributor Product Quality Assurance
Shell lubricants

Shell Lubricants manufactures and distributes lubricants, greases, antifreeze/coolants, and car care products under various brands, including Shell, Formula Shell, AeroShell, Pennzoil, and Quaker State.

Shell's DPQA inspection program offers customers bulk oil and lubricant packaging exceeding industry standards. In this program Shell reviews not only procedures and specifications, but also includes inspections for proper piping and pumping systems and overall protection of the Shell product chain of custody.

Keller-Heartt has met Shell's DPQA standards in 121 key items regarding bulk lubricants. We have shown that our procedures, sampling, facilities, records, and total lubricant handling is designed to maintain product integrity. Our customers consistently receive high quality bulk and packaged lubricants. Our sampling and records provide an audit trail for each lubricant delivery.

Shell Rotella and Keller-Heartt

We Set the Bar High

Maintaining stringent standards throughout the chain of custody is a never-ending commitment. For the mutual benefit of our company, our distributors and our customers along the way, Shell Lubricants never compromises on this key issue. Our distributors must be in complete alignment with best practices in handling Shell Lubricant products.

The Advantages of a DPQA Culture are Many

Key benefits include:

  • Providing the highest quality product
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Reduces contamination
  • Increases nationwide consistency
  • Improves time management
  • Meets OEM requirements consistently
  • Ensures better performance
  • Improves process dependability
  • Combats complacency in an industrial environment
  • Provides a safer environment
  • Improves mechanical performance
  • Maintains original production quality throughout the chain of custody
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