Brake Cleaner

What is Brake Cleaner?

Brake Cleaner is ideal for removing brake fuel, layers of grease, oil and other contaminants quickly and effectively, without leaving any residue. When brakes are cleaned, vehicles run much more smooth and dependably, offering improved road safety. Additionally, the special degreasing formula prevents grime and debris from collecting on brake during driving.

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What Are The Benefits Of Brake Cleaner?

Multipurpose Automotive Tool

Brake cleaner can be used to clean all aspects of brake parts, including: drums, discs, linings, pads, cylinders, springs, cv joints, and bushes. Similarly, brake cleaner can be used on non-brake elements, such as: wheel cylinders, clutch linings, clutch components, engine carburettors, calipers, transmissions, fuel pumps, and oil pumps.

Easy To Use

Brake cleaner doesn't require any preparation or removal of major automotive parts, making application extremely easy. Furthermore, the automotive degreaser evaporates quickly without leaving any residue.

External Use

Brake cleaner can be utilized to find leaks in automotive vacuum hoses without causing damage to those internal parts. Additionally, brake cleaner can service as a degreaser for automotive equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous metallic, ceramic, and glass parts.


Chlorinated brake cleaners are banned in some states and municipalities, which is why we only carry non-chlorinated brake cleaners. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, non-chlorinated brake cleaners are safer on most automotive paints and plastics. Furthermore, chlorinated brake cleaners can create lethal phosgene gas poisoning when near high heat tools like welding, making non-chlorinated brake cleaners safer.


VOC stands for volatile organic compounds: elements that evaporate easily in the air and react creating chemicals that are dangerous for humans and the environment. VOCs can contain carcinogens and lead into negative long term health effects. To combat the usage of these compounds, we only carry brake cleaner that complies with low-VOC jurisdiction regulations.

If you are looking for high quality brake cleaner, Keller-Heart has a large supply of our TRUEGARD brake cleaner, always in stock. We conveniently carry 14oz cans for individual usage, along with 55-gallon drums for large maintenance shops that need to handle multiple vehicles everyday.

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