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Shell Mysella LA 15W-40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

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Shell Mysella LA 15W-40 is a premium natural gas engine oil that's designed to provide excellent lubrication in the crankcases of large, reciprocating oil field compressors. This ashless oil features low phosphorus levels, neutralizes acids and provides enhanced corrosion protection. With exceptional oxidation and nitration resistance, Shell Mysella LA 15W-40 helps prevent filter blockage and enhances valve seat recession protection in all two-stroke natural gas engines and some four-stroke engines.

Mysella 40 - is a premium quality ashless oil designed to provide exceptional performance in all 2-stroke natural gas engines and selected 4-strokes. Exclusive ashless formulation to minimize spark plug and combustion chamber deposits (contain no zinc additives) Exceptional oxidation and nitration resistance for long oil life Excellent piston and engine cleanliness for long efficient operation Contains an ashless anti-scuff agent to prevent ring scuffing during break in. Mysella LA - is the most versatile of the Mysella range and is based on technology representing a significant advance over conventional "Low Ash" technology. It provides excellent performance in a wide variety of 4-stroke engines and acceptable performance in 2-stroke engines. Low phosphorus level to ensure compatibility with NSCR (non-selective catalytic reduction) catalysts. Reserve Alkalinity - (TBN) to neutralize acids and provide enhanced corrosion protection, particularily with sour gas fuel. Exceptional oxidation and nitration resistance helps to resist excessive oil viscosity and filter blockage. Excellent piston and engine cleanliness for long, efficient operation. Optimized level of "ash" components to provide enhanced valve recession protection in 4-stroke engines.Mysella MA 40 - is a specially formulated medium ash oil to provide enhanced valve seat recession protection and additional alkalinity reserve to cope with sour gas fuel in 4-stroke engines. Specifically designed for Superior and Waukesha engines that benefit from higher ash content. Higher Ash Level Provides Enhanced valve seat recession protection Minimizes engine wear and protects against corrosion even with moderately sour gas fuel. Approved forWaukesha cogen applications.


Mysella - is a premium ashless engine oil proven to be an exceptional performer during years of field service throughout North America in 2-stroke and selected 4-stroke engines. It is based on an exclusive ashless formulation to help prevent combustion chamber deposits, exhaust port blockage and spark plug fouling. It is available as an SAE 40 grade.

Mysella LA - represents the most advanced low ash additive technology available today. It is specifically formulated for lean burn engine designs, as well as being compatible with units fitted with catalysts. It is blended to the upper range of an SAE 30 grade, making it very versatile, so that it can be used in applications calling for a 40 grade. It is also available as an SAE 15W40 to service engines subject to start-ups at low temperatures. Both grades meet API services CD (obsolete).

Mysella MA - is specifically formulated to a medium ash level to provide extra valve seat recession protection required in many 4-stroke engines in particular some high air/fuel ratio engines. It is available as an SAE 40 grade and it meets API services CD (obsolete).

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