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Shell Rotella® Products

Shell Rotella products cover a wide range of uses, from high-quality oils and lubricants to antifreeze products for a variety of vehicles. Because these products are superior to others in the same class, we’re proud to offer them at extremely low prices at Keller-Heartt Oil. You’ll find everything you need in our comprehensive catalog of Shell Rotella products, from Triple-Protection 15w40 heavy-duty motor oil to Rotella Ultra ELC antifreeze-coolant blend.

At Keller-Heartt, we sell individual containers of Shell Rotella products as well as large quantities that are ideal for use in shops, hangars and garages. We even carry 55-gallon drums of Shell Rotella oils and antifreeze, making us your one-stop shop for the products you need to keep virtually any engine running smoothly. Even better, we specialize in finding the lowest prices so that you can focus on what’s important: keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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Shell Rotella Ultra ELC NF Antifreeze-Coolant Ready to Use 50/50 - 55 Gallon Drum Shell ROTELLA T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Oil Shell ROTELLA T5 10W-30 (CJ-4) Synthetic Blend Oil Shell ROTELLA T5 10W-30 CK-4 Synthetic Blend Oil 55 Gallon Drum
Product ID: 200202 Product ID: 550045130 Product ID: 550044106 Product ID: 550045131
Shell ROTELLA T5 15W-40 (CJ-4) Synthetic Blend Engine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Antifreeze Coolant Pre-Diluted 50/50
Product ID: 550046249
Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Coolant Pre-diluted 50/50 is an extended life ethylene glycol coolant for heavy duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas powered engines. Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Coolant Pre-diluted 50/50 contains OAT corrosion inhibitor technology that provides effective corrosion protection of engine and cooling system metals.

The product is free of nitrites, amines, borates and silicates. Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Coolant Pre-diluted 50/50 is suitable for both heavy and light duty applications without supplemental coolant additives (SCAs), making it ideal for use in mixed fleet applications. Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Coolant Pre-diluted 50/50 is premixed and ready to use. Requires no further dilution.

Performance, Features & Benefits
- All-Climate, Year Round Performance
- Extended Life Capability
- Field Compatibility

Main Applications
- Heavy Duty Diesel or Gasoline Engine Antifreeze

Shell Rotella® T Oil Options

Shell Rotella® T Oil protects engines no matter what the conditions. This line of heavy-duty diesel engine oils offer acid control, deposit control, and wear control.

Shell Rotella® 15w40 - Also called T Triple Protection, this oil offers the highest level of protection against wear and corrosion from acids. This oil works great in both new and old engines for all types of vehicles.

Shell Rotella® T1– Quality lubrication, enhanced performance and extensive wear protection are offered with this oil.

Shell Rotella® T3 Energized Protection™- This Shell Rotella oil is designed to increase equipment operation and minimize operation costs. It works in older engine models as well as new ones.

Shell Rotella® T5 Synthetic Blend – Get more value and fuel economy with the T5 Synthetic Blend. Even at low temperatures, this oil will keep your engine protected.

Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic – This low viscosity oil can adapt to various driving conditions to better protect your engine as well as boost fuel economy and performance.

Shell Rotella® ELC Antifreeze

In addition to oils, the Shell Rotella line also includes ELC Antifreeze. “ELC” stands for Extended Life, meaning year-round performance that lowers costs and reduces wear.

Need more information about our Shell Rotella T oil and antifreeze products? Give us a call at 1-800-423-7513 and our experienced, technical professionals can get your questions answered quickly, help place your order, and arrange for quick shipment.