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  • A recognized leader in the lubricants and absorbent industry since 1929
  • A highly-qualified, experienced staff that pays close attention to your vehicle's specific oil requirements
  • Will meet your most urgent delivery needs

Keller-Heartt is a full-service company recognized as a leader in the lubricants and absorbent industry. We have a highly-qualified, experienced staff that pays close attention to your lubrication requirements and will find the precise oil solution for your vehicles. Our skilled technical and logistic professionals can arrange shipment of our automotive and industrial lubricants and other products throughout the continental United States. For orders shipping within the Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas, our Keller-Heartt truck fleet will meet your most urgent delivery needs, delivering within 48 hours for most supplies. As we continue to offer you the most competitive wholesale prices, we continue to provide free shipping on select products. WD-40 and Oil Eater supplies ship free nationwide. Give Keller-Heartt a call at 1.800.423.7513 to discuss shipping rates for some of our drums or other automotive lubricants.

We pride ourselves on superior service in all areas of petroleum distribution.

Fuel Additives & Brake Cleaner Solutions

Our bulk STP fuel injection cleaners help clear your car's system, removing gunk and buildup that naturally accumulates through normal automotive use. For maximum fuel efficiency, fuel additives should be injected into your tank annually at the very least. Keller- Heartt makes it affordable and reasonable to take great care of your engine with our wholesale priced fuel additives. To further tune your vehicle, be sure that you (or your shop) uses brake cleaner whenever possible to ensure a clean and efficiently functioning braking system.

Shell Antifreeze, Motor Oil & Other Lubricants

Keller-Heartt distributes all the top, trusted brands in the industrial and commercial lubricant industry. We stock Shell products like antifreeze, motor oil and coolants in a variety of sizes. For bulk purchasers, we have 55 gallon Shell anti-freeze and motor oil drums for wholesale prices.

On top of a premium selection of automotive lubricants for both commercial and industrial use, Keller Heartt distributes quality absorbent mats and other solutions for oil spills. For whatever your oil-related need, we have the professional solution at the lowest prices online.