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Improve cost effectiveness and service life with industrial grease by Shell Gadus. Our catalog of Gadus products consists of multipurpose greases with lithium complex thickeners that outperform other greases in extreme pressure operations within steel manufacturing, auto manufacturing, and beyond.

Keller-Heartt carries various sizes of Shell Gadus S2 V220 greases, designed especially for steel mill lubrication, ranging from 40lb pails to 400lb drums. This high-quality, oxidation resistant lubricant performs well with rolling element and plain bearings, as well as hinges and sliding surfaces. Our 14oz. tubes and larger drums of Shell's S3 V220C line are equally effective in preventing corrosion, and they are recommended for especially high temperature operations.

If saving money is your priority, the S2 V460A grease in any size will last longer than most other greases in extreme, vibrating environments. Its washout resistance also makes it the best choice for environments where water is present.

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