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Antifreeze Industrial Antifreeze & Coolants - Multi-Vehicle ShellZone, Shell Rotella ELC, ShellZone DEX-COOL, TRUEGARD & More

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Keller-Heartt's selection of Shell and TRUEGARD antifreeze and coolants covers both universal and specific requirements for vehicle and non-vehicle uses. Our Shell coolants, available in 55-gallon drums or various sized cases, contain premium quality formulas that are compatible with multiple types of engines. The ShellZone Dex-Cool Concentrate Antifreeze, for example, is a universal formula suited for a five year or 150,000 mile service life. For harsh conditions, the Shell Rotella ELC Concentrate can benefit aluminum, cast iron, steel, brass, and more from corrosion without requiring additives.

If you require more specific formulas, consider one of our TRUEGARD 55-gallon drums. A TRUEGARD marine antifreeze is perfect for travel trailers, swimming pool filtration systems, or recreational water vehicles. Additionally, Keller-Heartt honors customers with specific TRUEGARD products that are certified Kosher or contain non-toxic formulas for safe use around pets and wildlife.

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