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Brake Cleaner

Non-chlorinated brake cleaners at wholesale prices are hard to come by, but not at Keller-Heartt. Our collection of amazing auto products includes VOC-compliant, wholesale-priced brake cleaners in spray cans and in 55-gallon drums.

TRUEGARD brake cleaner in a 55-gallon drum is a professional-strength formulation that clears out residue quickly and easily. It leaves brakes clean, which allows smoother and more dependable braking and improves road safety. As a degreasing formula, it cuts right through grime and other debris that you encounter on the road, as well. Because it is available in 55-gallon drums, TRUEGARD brake cleaner is the ideal choice for large maintenance shops that handle multiple vehicles on a daily basis.

Mechanics Brand brake cleaner can also cut through brake fluid, grease and oil, as well as several other contaminants that can ruin brake liners and drums. It is designed to clean out cylinders, disc brake pads and springs, as well. In addition, Mechanics Brand non-chlorinated brake cleaner contains no CFCs and can help stop brake squeal. Its no-residue formula is available in 14-ounce cans, which are ideal for individual use.

If you need an inexpensive way to apply brake cleaner or other chemicals, such as solvents, lubricants and penetrating oils, try a Sure Shot spray can. At Keller-Heartt, we're interested in providing you with the best products and giving you the tools to apply them, and the Sure Shot spray can holds 32 ounces of your chosen liquid. It features steel, chrome-plated construction and has brass nozzles for safety and convenience. All of the Sure Shot spray can's internal parts are corrosion-resistant.

If you're an auto repair shop or in-house mechanic, buy your brake cleaners in bulk at wholesale prices and save big! Our 55 gallon drum is just $475, just over $8 a gallon, crushing competitors' pricing for equal quality brake cleaner gallon drums. Buying brake cleaning supplies in bulk is a great way to cut costs in your shop.

Furthermore, to better the savings, for those of you in the Chicago area, we offer free shipping! Give us a call toll free at 1-800-423-7513 if you're outside the Chicago area and we can discuss your shipping costs for these cheap brake cleaners!

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