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Shell Spirax Motor Oil

Maintain components in your fleet and heavy-duty automotive transmission systems with any of our Shell Spirax oils. Our catalog includes Shell Spirax HD oils for extreme pressure gear lubrication, premium Shell Spirax S4 TXM transmission oil for tractor ancillary systems, synthetic Shell Spiral S6 AXME oil for maximum wear protection, and plenty more Shell Spirax formulas for your specific operation.

Shell Spirax offers a wide range of products for particular system requirements. For Allison TES-389 transmissions, try out the S2 ATF A389 oil to eliminate friction and lower operating temperatures. Or, check out the Shell Spirax S4 ATF X oil, approved for Ford transmissions that require Mercon fluids, as well as transmissions that require General Motors Dexron II or III fluids. In addition, modern transmission systems and off-highway systems will greatly benefit from minimal clutch slippage and quiet brake operation as a result of applying Shell Spirax S4 CX.

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