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Shell Gadus Grease

When you need high quality grease, Shell Gadus products are proven to provide protection under the most extreme circumstances. Designed to meet the demands of many industries as well as individual automotive care, Shell grease is among the best available.

Gadus grease lowers your maintenance needs and protects against wear while improving equipment efficiency. Without high quality, thick grease, you can't always be sure that your systems are running at full capacity.

Shell Gadus Grease Products

Shell Gadus grease comes in three different viscosity grades and two different levels.

Shell Gadus v460 Options

Shell Gadus v460 grease has an ISO viscosity grade of 460. The v460 grease comes in both the Shell Gadus S2 and Shell Gadus S3.

Shell Gadus v220 Options

Shell Gadus v220 grease has an ISO viscosity grade of 220. Shell Gadus v220 comes in numerous configurations, including:

    • S2 V220
    • S2 V220AC 
    • S2 V220AD 
  •            S3 V220C

    Shell Gadus v100 Options

    Shell Gadus v100 grease has an ISO viscosity grade of 100. The 100 grade is available in Shell Gadus S5 T100, S5 V100 and S2 V100.

    If you have questions about which Gadus Shell grease product will work best for your equipment please give us a call at 1-800-423-7513.

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