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Oils & Lubricants for Industrial, Automotive, Diesel and Aviation, Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929
Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929


"We use Keller-Heartt for lubes and other items. The products they carry work exceptionally well for our needs. They always have what I need in stock and deliver as soon as possible. When ever I have questions regarding products, I know I can always go to my representative for any answers and/or recommendations.

Always Great Service!"

Cynthia Ochoa, Home Products International


"PEER Bearing Co. has been purchasing lubricants from Keller-Heartt since the late eighties (please ask Brian if I am correct). Keller-Heartt has been PEER's primary source of oils and greases. I personally have been in direct contact with Keller-Heartt since 1999 when I started purchasing these type of materials for PEER. Keller-Heartt has been an excellent partner for PEER. As we design new bearings with our customers, the grease is always a very important part of the bearing. Keller-Heartt has supplied the grease for these prototypes whether is a common or a special one. Occasionally our factories request large amounts of grease and Keller-Heartt has never failed delivering the required greases. I am extremely happy with the service and attention PEER receives from Keller-Heartt. We value their support and excellent service."

Roberto Arce, PEER Bearing Co.


"Thank you for providing excellent customer service. You will always have my business. I will be making all my orders with your company. Thanks again."

Carlos Cedeno, MBA Military Veteran


"Without a doubt this was the biggest/heaviest item that I've purchased....Unbelievably there was no shipping fees. I researched all over the internet for pricing on this product and found that with shipping cost I would of paid, at a minimum, twice as much. I contacted Keller-Heartt around 630 in the morning and within 4 hours the 55 gallon drum was dropped off at my home. Awesome product...Thanks!"

Buyer, Amazon Marketplace


"Right from the start, Keller Heart impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective partner to provide high quality products, with fast shipping solutions, and knowledgeable sales people. By partnering with Keller Heart Company, we have been able to consistently maximize our savings, maintain our inventory levels, and work with helpful, knowledgeable staff. Because of its years of experience, Keller Heart has been able to provide Signature Flight Support with the best of client services."

Jeanne Kammerer, Signature Flight Support-PWK


"Our Keller-Heartt sales rep researched & developed a plan to significantly reduce our coolant & degreaser costs."

Nancy A, Schroeder, Prince Industries Inc.


"Hello, Good afternoon Just to let you know, my oil is here, appreciated all your effort and support. Your service is amazing. Thank you so much Jessica & Brian!"

Ricardo Armenta, Lakin Tire East, Inc.


"As a testing facility within John Crane, we are frequently challenged to support urgent unplanned verification testing for our customers as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction for our engineered seals.

As many project managers know, any upgrade changes in a project can push equipment performance into unknown territory, which can create last minute surprises in reaching their milestones.

The rush to satisfy our customers request sometimes puts the burden on our vendors to expedite delivery of testing components with very short notice.

Our support from Terri Devine and the rest of the Keller Heartt team has been nothing less than amazing, as they have repeatedly come to our aid to deliver product and services expeditiously. They are an important resource solution for us to meet our customer demands."

Brent Gross, John Crane Test Lab


"The technical support from Keller-Heartt is exceptional, and they respond quickly to help solve a problem or find a product."

Mark Devine, Dupage Machine


"I wanted to send out a heart-felt thank you, to you and your team for the assistance over the past few weeks. I was struggling with a downed piece of equipment and Janene was extremely helpful with setting up oil deliveries and scheduling tanker trucks to offload oil. We completed the repair yesterday and I wanted to say this would not had been possible without you and your team. ItaEUR(TM)s probably not every day you get a positive email but this machine failure was very difficult and stressful for me and I just wanted to say thanks." 

Tony, Commercial Forged Products


"I have been recommending you guys to some commercial fishermen that run fleets of boats here in MA due to your very competitive pricing and great service! :) That is a great combination and rare nowadays! Not sure how many have taken my advice but hopefully they listened and saw the same value I did and do!"

Captain PJT, Northeast Maine Shipyard


"Many years ago I was at my local NAPA auto parts store and was going to buy some degreaser. I picked up a "Popular Brand" and the counter person told me this other product was far superior. It was Oil Eater. After using it for a while I started using it for much more than I intended. It worked so well on EVERYTHING I was amazed. It is a great laundry pretreat. It also is the only thing I found that removes "Fifth wheel" grease from my clothing. (Yes I'm a truck driver.) Be careful using it to clean a spot on your car interior because if you do you'll be shampooing the whole interior. That's how great it cleans.

PLEASE don't ever change the formula or stop making this product. It puts every other degreaser I've ever used to shame. In my opinion nothing comes close to it. I recommend it to all my friends. I guess you can call me "One very satisfied customer." P.S. I'm never without 2 gallons on hand. I can't bear the thought of running out of this product."

John Morgalis, Truck Driver

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