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Delivery Times

At Keller-Heartt, most orders ship the next day, if your order is placed before 5pm CST. We have over three million dollars in on-hand inventory, which offers a routine stocking program to ensure everything is stock, right when you need it.

For our Chicago and Milwaukee customers, we offer same-day emergency delivery, available upon request. Orders must be placed before 5pm CST.

Shipping Terms & Conditions

When it comes to the details of our shipping policy, there is only one real specific - we offer free shipping on every order, for every product. There is no minimum quantity. Whether you need a whole palate of Shell motor oil or a single case of Oil Eater, we will ship your order, on the house. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

U.S. Federal Government Customers

Keller-Heartt is an approved SAM supplier. Cage #1V194. Contact Us for more info, if needed.

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