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Aeroshell Grease Products

Aeroshell airplane grease products cover all your performance-related lubrication needs.

  • Aeroshell Grease 22 - Aeroshell Grease 22 can handle high and low temperatures protecting your airplane components against the wear and tear of water, oxidation, and friction.
  • Aeroshell Grease 33 - High temperatures are no match for Aeroshell Grease 33. This grease is highly effective against corrosion and oxidation.

Aeroshell Oils

Our inventory of Aeroshell airplane engine oil can't be beat. Choose from:

  • Aeroshell 65w
  • Aeroshell 80w
  • Aeroshell 15w50
  • Aeroshell 100w

At Keller-Heartt we offer our Aeroshell oil products in bulk 55-gallon drums as well as individual quart containers.

Have questions or need help deciding which airplane engine oil or grease products are best for you or your business? Give us a call at 1-800-423-7513 . Our skilled professionals can solve even the most challenging problems and can arrange shipments of airplane engine oil and grease products anywhere in the U.S.

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