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Shell Omala Industrial Oils

Shell Omala oils are powerful lubricants designed to maintain system efficiency and protect industrial gears from wear and corrosion. Keller-Heartt's gear oils are available in two series of conventional and synthetic formulas, including Shell Omala S2 G and S4 GX, which range in viscosity grade to meet the needs of your specific system. Whether you require a 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum, our Shell Omala products are a great value due to their long oil life and decreased maintenance.

Shell Omala's conventional oil, S2 G, has exceptional water separation properties and effectively protects from water contamination in enclosed helical and steel spur gears. Steel and bronze parts in particular will benefit from Shell Omala S2 G.

If a synthetic base fluid is what you need, Shell Omala S4 GX is especially helpful in extending service life intervals even more than its conventional counterpart. S4 GX oils are best for gears operating in extreme conditions, including wind turbines and other more inaccessible applications. Its load carrying capacity can withstand the toughest operations to improve your production.

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