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Antifreeze & Coolants

Keller-Heartt's huge selection of bulk antifreeze is exactly where you need to shop to find the most affordable prices and widest selection. You will find a huge variety of Shell Rotella and ShellZone antifreeze in our catalog because we know that it is a vital part of keeping automotive engines running safely. Whether you intend to resell our bulk antifreeze or simply want to enjoy the benefits at shopping with near-wholesale prices, Keller-Heartt has all of the antifreeze you need.

Choose between products such as Shell Rotella Ultra ELC antifreeze-coolant concentrate, which comes in cases of six 1-gallon jugs and in 55-gallon drums, and Shell Rotella ELC pre-diluted antifreeze, which is also available in 55-gallon drums. Both of these products perform the same tough jobs, making it safer to operate your motor with ultra-pure formulas that whisk away heat effectively and efficiently.

You'll find ShellZone Multi-Vehicle Concentrate Extended Life antifreeze and summer coolant in diluted and non-diluted formulas. These, like the others, are available in cases of six 1-gallon jugs as well as in 55-gallon drums, so it is easy to stock up on what you need, whether you are handling the retail end of sales or you are managing a large maintenance shop where you need a constant supply of antifreeze.

In addition to several other types of antifreeze, Keller-Heartt also carries ShellZone DEX-Cool concentrated antifreeze. DEX-Cool is available in cases of six 1-gallon jugs for your convenience. Because each of the antifreeze products we carry is designed to improve efficiency and save your budget, it's easy to make the right decisions for your business.

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