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Shell Tellus Hydraulic Oil

Keller-Heartt understands that high-quality hydraulic oil should improve overall system efficiency, extend service life, and promote a more cost-effective operation. That is why we offer a range of Shell Tellus hydraulic oils that fire on all cylinders. Available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, our Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids include zinc-based mineral oils and long lasting synthetic oils.

Our selections of Tellus fluids come in various viscosity grades of Tellus S2 V, S2 M, S3 V, and S4 ME. Consider Shell Tellus S2 V and S2 M, both mineral oils that provide reliable protection in hot and heavy load conditions, ultimately preventing deposits and enhancing efficiency. For longer oil life or systems that require improved protection, the S3 and S4 oils are recommended. Shell Tellus S3 V possesses outstanding viscosity control and filtration, while the S4 ME synthetic, advanced formula works best for high intensity power usage, such as metal pressing and injection molding.

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