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120 POUND KEG - Shell Spirax AX 80W-90 Multipurpose Heavy Duty Gear Oil

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Shell Spirax HD 80W-90 is an advanced, high-performance multigrade lubricant formulated for extreme-pressure, multipurpose gear applications. To ensure your fleet's critical parts operate efficiently, the 80w90, 120 pound keg, lubricates heavy-duty truck and automotive differentials, manual transmissions and oil lubricated wheel bearings. The lubricant also features a sulfur/phosphorus additive system to meet the requirements of high-speed/shock loads off heavy-duty automotive, trucking and off-road equipment. In addition, Spirax HD 80W-90 features multi-viscosity for all year use and contains inhibitors to protect against corrosion, rust and foaming.

Protects hypoid gears against wear and scuffing Multi-viscosity for year round use over wide temperature range Contains a sulfur/phosphorus additive system for excellent load carrying capacity Contains additives to inhibit oil oxidation and keep lubricated parts clean Contains inhibitors to protect against corrosion, rust and foaming. Compatible with other automotive gear oils.
  • heavy-duty and conventional differentials in heavy and light duty trucks as well as passenger cars
  • conventional manual transmissions calling for API GL-5
  • heavy-duty manual transmissions requiring API MT-1 (SAE 80W-90)
  • hypoid, spur, bevel, helical, spiral-bevel and worm gears in differentials, transmissions, final drives and steering mechanisms
  • industrial gears sets where extreme pressure gear oils are required

Note: cars equipped with limited-slip differentials may require a different lubricant specified by the manufacturer, such as Shell Spirax LS.

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