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Shell Turbo T 46 Turbine Oil - 55 Gallon Drum

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To meet the demands of modern turbine systems, the Shell Turbo T 46 lubrication oil formula features severely hydroprocessed base oils, chosen for their viscosity characteristics, and additives to prevent premature wear and foaming. The turbine oil provides fast air release and is formulated with anti-foam additives, reducing the likelihood of pump cavitation, oil oxidation and excessive wear. The formula also helps minimize deposit and sludge formations, reducing operating and maintenance costs. In addition, Turbo T 46 features excellent water-shedding properties, allowing easy water draining from the lubrication system.

General Applications
  • a wide range of lubrication applications
  • general purpose plant lubrication
  • non-anti-wear hydraulic and circulating oil systems
  • non-EP gear oils

Shell Turbo Oils T meet the American Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Gear Manufactures Association (AGMA) 9005-D94 requirements for R&O oils. Standards for machine tool lubrication established by the STLE include a classification for Hydraulic Fluid and General Purpose Lubricants.Shell Turbo Oils T for Hydraulic Fluid and General Purpose Lubricants

STLE STLE Recommended
Standard No. Identifying No. Shell Lubricant
ASLE 64-1 H-150 Turbo Oil T 32
ASLE 64-2 H-215 Turbo Oil T 46
ASLE 64-3 H-315 Turbo Oil T 68

Superior oxidation stability. Non-corrosively to metals. Fast separation of water and good de-aeration properties.

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