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TRUEGARD 304 Rust Preventative - 5 Gallon Pail

SKU TG_RP304_5
Original Price $150.49 - Original Price $150.49
Original Price
$150.49 - $150.49
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TRUEGARD 304 RUST PREVENTIVE is a solvent based fluid which leaves a thin, dry, slightly waxy, highly protective film upon solvent evaporation. This light bodied fluid may be applied by spray, dip or brush to provide up to twelve months of indoor protection.

TRUEGARD 304 RUST PREVENTIVE possesses exceptional water displacing properties to ensure a high quality protective film. This allows TRUEGARD 304 RUST PREVENTIVE to be used in dip tanks to clean and protect parts machined with water based fluids.

TRUEGARD 304 RUST PREVENTIVE uses solvents selected to provide the proper balance between cleaning power and skin tolerance. As a result, this popular product will not harm workers‰۪ hands under normal circumstances, and is compatible with ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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