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Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil is a full synthetic, heavy duty, extreme pressure multi-grade gear oil manufactured with the highest quality PAO synthetic base oil for long-life protection in moderate to severe applications up to 500,000 miles in well maintained systems¹.

Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil, through the combination of naturally high viscosity index (low pour point) synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art Sulfur- Phosphorus additive technology, are more economical than oils of lesser quality and lower initial cost. Using Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil may allow longer drain intervals, extended equipment life, and a significant reduction in maintenance cost and downtime.

The use of synthetic base stocks provide superior low temperature protection over conventional and synthetic blends providing for easier start-ups and better gear protection in extreme cold temperatures. The lower viscosity PAO base also creates a more powerful, fuel efficient operating environment due to improved torque efficiency as more power is transferred to the contact surface.

Truegard Full Synthetic LS Gear Oil is fortified with an extremely shear stable viscosity improver which provides thinner, slicker oil films while maintaining fluid viscosity throughout the operating life for improved wear protection. The reduced friction creates an efficient operating environment for a smoother ride.

¹500,000 mile drain interval does not apply to all applications. Contact your Truegard dealer for more information.



Truegard Full Synthetic Gear Oils may be recommended for the following applications:

• When API MT-1 gear oils are required

• When API GL-5 gear oils are required

• When J2360, MIL-PRF-2105E or MIL-L-2105D are required

• When AIST Classification (formerly U.S. Steel 224) gear oils are required • Dana-CVSD SHAES256 Rev. C (75W-90) and SHAES429 Rev. A

• When Mack GO-G, GO-H, GO-J, AND GO-J Plus gear oils are required

• When ArvinMeritor 076-N(75W90), 076-M(75W140), O76-Q, O76-R (Rockwell International) gear oils are required

• When AGMA 9005-E02, 250.03, 250.04, 251.02, No.4 gear oils are required

• In all Hypoid differentials, Automotive axles, Manual transmissions, Truck axles and Hubs • International TMS-6816

• ZF TE-ML-05A, 12M, 16D, 21A

• Navistar MPAPS B-6816 Type II



• Excellent anti-wear Performance                 •Up to 500,000 mile drain interval

• Limited Slip (LS) Performance                      •Excellent anti-foam protection

• Outstanding seal compatibility                    •Excellent shear stability

• Excellent Extreme Pressure Performance     •Exceptional thermal & oxidation stability

• Excellent rust and corrosion protection       •High Viscosity Index and Low Pour

• Excellent load carrying ability                      • Available in 3 viscosity grades


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Luke K.
Easy purchase!

Went online, found what I wanted and placed order. Shipping was quick and easy.

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