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TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 - 55 Gallon Drum

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TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 is a dual purpose oil designed for metalworking as well as machine lubrication.

TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 is intended for light to medium duty machining operations such as drilling, turning, and threading.  The absence of sulfur allows this oil to be used with confidence on steel, copper, and aluminum alloys.  The moderate amount of chlorine in this cutting oil ensures fine finishes and enhanced tool life.

TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 provides excellent cooling properties in order to help maintain dimensional control.  The viscosity and types of oils incorporated in this cutting oil serve to absorb and release heat faster than conventional cutting oils.  In addition, TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 possesses outstanding wetting properties to quickly and evenly cover the work surface, thus preventing hot spots and areas of poor finish.

TRUEGARD Cutting Oil 1230-15 exhibits exceptionally light color, low odor and low volatility characteristics.  These properties provides a safe, clean, and healthy working environment.  This cutting oil is nonhazardous according to current OSHA and EPA regulations.

Product Specs

  • Chlorine
  • Color
  • Flash Point, F
  • Odor
  • Sulfur
  • Viscosity, SUS @ 100 F

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