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TRUEGARD HD-258 Cutting Oil- 55 Gallon Drum

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TRUEGARD HD-258 Cutting Oil is an exceptionally heavy duty cutting oil for tough ferrous machining applications. This highly fortified oil is also intended for use as an additive to improve the performance of lighter duty oils on machining of stainless steel and nickel based alloys. Applications include drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, gear cutting, stamping, punching, and drawing.

TRUEGARD HD-258 Cutting Oil uses several different types of additives to provide the lubrication necessary in very heavy duty metalworking. Film strength and the ability for the oil film to carry heavy loads without rupturing is very important in heavy duty machining, especially when working with stainless steels and exotic alloys. The presence of different types of sulfur and fat allow this oil to sustain heavy loads at various temperatures with no loss of effectiveness. The moderate viscosity of the oil imparts wipe resistance and slight adhesiveness to this cutting oil. These properties are important in heavy, slow machining applications.

TRUEGARD HD-258 Cutting Oil is ideal for use as a cutting oil base or as an additive to improve lighter duty oils. The viscosity is light enough to facilitate easy mixing, but heavy enough to help improve load carrying ability. The extremely high additive content and the aggressive nature of this oil provides efficient and cost effective boosting of other cutting oils.

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