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TRUEGARD Syncool 428 - 55 Gallon Drum

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TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 is a heavy duty water based cutting fluid concentrate. When diluted properly, TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 is suitable for most machining operations on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Outstanding lubricity combines with the superior cooling power of a chemical coolant.

TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 utilizes a unique combination of extreme pressure additives to prevent welding at the tool point. This immediately reduces heat generation and improve surface finish. This chemical lubricity permits the chips to slide easily over the tool at the chip-tool interface. This reduces friction and thus heat generation.

TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 also reduces surface tension, allowing the coolant to thoroughly wet all machining surfaces. This increases the rate of heat removal, allowing the tool and work to remain cooler. Better tool life is readily achieved.

TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 contains the latest development in fungicides to ensure long coolant life and productivity. TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 is inherently low foaming. This precludes the use of silicone defoamers which can cause fish-eyeing on steel surfaces. Other defoamers which leave a heavy cream on the coolant surface are also unnecessary. TRUEGARD SYNCOOL 428 is a technologically advanced product for the modern machine shop.

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