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TRUEGARD Tri-Purpose Cutting Oil - 275 Gallon Tote

Original Price $2,896.80 - Original Price $2,896.80
Original Price
$2,896.80 - $2,896.80
Current Price $2,896.80

TRUEGARD TRI-PURPOSE CUTTING OIL is premium quality, transparent, light colored cutting oil. It can be used as cutting oil, hydraulic oil and machine lubricant in automatic screw machines. This eliminates the contamination problem caused by leakage of these fluids into the cutting oil, reducing cutting oil effectiveness.

TRUEGARD TRI-PURPOSE CUTTING OIL is transparent, light in color for ease of viewing parts. Product does not contain chlorine, which makes for ease of disposal compared to other competitive products.

TRUEGARD TRI-PURPOSE CUTTING OIL is intended for use as general purpose cutting oil where the machining requirements range from light to moderately severe. It is recommended for the machining operations on free machining to intermediate steels and difficult to machine non-ferrous metals. It is non-staining to yellow metals, provides long tool life and allows for faster machine rates.

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