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Zebra Skimmers: Brix Refractometers (OPT32 (0-32 Brix))

Original Price $176.47 - Original Price $176.47
Original Price
$176.47 - $176.47
Current Price $176.47

Brix refractometers are effective at measuring coolant concentration. Coolant’s primary purpose is to lubricate and cool the work surface and tooling. Each coolant works best for a given application at a recommended concentration of it to water. Monitor the initial coolant charge, then each day, as evaporation increases concentration at the sump level. Maintaining the recommended concentration is essential in order to prevent problems.

  • Well-lit Scale (Specialist Only)
  • Integrated drip feed(Specialist Only)
  • Anti-roll support (Specialist Only)
  • Comfortable eyepiece
  • Easy to read, bright scale
  • Adjustable focus for easy reading
  • Textured sleeve for easy gripping
  • Includes carrying case
  • Locknut for calibration

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