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Zebra Skimmers: Oxygenator™ Aerator (XUB8000)

Original Price $188.21 - Original Price $188.21
Original Price
$188.21 - $188.21
Current Price $188.21

The Oxygenator™ Aerator reduces coolant rancidity. Bacteria within sumps thrive best when their oxygen supply is gone. When the machine is shut down for the night, the pump stops circulating coolant, traces of tramp oil float to the surface, and the oxygen supply to the fluid is cut off. This is the best time for bacteria to grow.

  • Extends coolant life by maintaining high oxygen levels
  • Prevents foul odors
  • Fuel-grade tubing
  • Industrial-grade diffuser
  • 110v connection
  • Two options are available (XBUB5000 or XBUB8000)
    • XBUB5000 for sumps up to 50 gallons
    • XBUB8000 for sumps between 51 and 160 gallons
  • 30 day warranty

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