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Houghton Rust Veto 4214 - 55 Gallon Drum
Houghton Rust Veto 4214 - 55 Gallon Drum
Buy Houghton Rust Veto 4214 hydraulic fluid in bulk. Rust Veto 4214 is a rust preventive hydraulic fluid that is exceptionally stable in wet conditions, particularly where there is alkaline, acid or solvent emulsion rinse water left on parts. It offers prolonged effectiveness where rinsing is not always thorough.

Rust Veto 4214 releases displaced water within minutes and, on evaporation, leaves a very thin, transparent protective film. It provides indoor protection for as long as 12 months, particularly if parts are packaged.

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Safety Data Sheet

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  • Easy to apply - displaces and separates water fast
  • Exceptional stability - even in acid or alkaline conditions
  • Flash Point - 105 degrees F minimum (PMCC)
  • Excellent humidity protection
  • Easily removed


  • Type of Film: Thin oily, transparent
  • Flash Point, typical, PMCC: 105 degrees F
  • Film Thickness: .1 MIL
  • Coverage: 1900 ft.2/gal.
  • Application Method: Dip, spray or brush
  • Dry to Set Time: 1 - 2 hours
  • Type of Protection: High humidity and finger-print suppression
  • % Non-Volatile: 12%
  • Metal Compatibility: All metals


  • Protection Period:
    • Indoor: 12 months
    • Outdoor: Not recommended
  • Water Displacement Method: Passes
  • Specification MIL-C-16173D
  • - Humidity @ 120 degrees F, Polished Panels: 30 days minimum
  • - Water Separation: Passes


  • Rust Veto 4214 is particularly suited for application following electroplating and surface conversion processes, such as Houghto-Black. For example, if parts are coated, quickly rinsed and then put into a rust preventive bath, the rinse water may contain acid or alkaline carry-over. This carry-over will contaminate many rust preventives; Rust Veto resists contamination. Thus, where complete rinsing is not feasible, Rust Veto is an ideal choice. Rust Veto 4214 is also excellent to use after wet tumbling.


  • Apply Rust Veto 4214 by spray, dip or brush between 70-95 degrees F (21-35 degrees C). Consider the usual precautions for handling petroleum solvents in venting, prolonged breathing of vapors or skin contact. The higher flash point of Rust Veto 4214 offers a safety factor over most products, but ordinary protective measures against petroleum solvent fires should be taken.


  • Rust Veto 4214 can be removed by washing with petroleum solvent or with Houghton's Cerfa-Kleen HST, Cerfa-Kleen HPW, or Cerfa-Kleen 5380.


Square and round tubing, stacked between the forming and cut-off operations and assembly, rusted because the different shapes led to uneven drying of residual coolant and water.Heavy film rust preventives gave the required protection for six months but required another cleaning operation before assembly. A spray of Rust Veto applied before cut-off now displaces the coolant/water mix before the parts are stacked. For further long-term protection, particularly in summer, an extra Rust Veto spray is applied just as the tubes are stacked and sent to storage.

Circular sawblades require protection against corrosion during in-plant processing. The manufacturer needed a thin film, high flash point product because the blades are sprayed as they move along a conveyor from the grinders. Good drainage of the liquid on the blades was another requirement in order to reduce consumption. If it was also a solvent, the rust preventive would give desired protection and help remove any remaining grinding swarf. Among dozens of products from both specialty and major oil companies, only Rust Veto met all of the sawblade manufacturer's requirements.

Bearings coming from the grinder with coolant still on them receive a coating of Rust Veto for rust protection and to prevent water staining. The Houghton product replaces a light oil rust preventive, which created messy working conditions. The work station is now cleaner, and far less rust preventive is needed to protect the precision bearings.


  • Rust Veto 4214 is available in 55 (U.S.) gallon (208 liter) drums with a net weight of 365 pounds (161.5 kg).


  • No health or safety hazards exist when Rust Veto 4214 is stored, used and disposed of in accordance with instructions given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


  • The information given here is considered to be correct and is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification. No warranties are expressed or implied since the use of our products is beyond our control. Statements concerning the use of Houghton products are not to be construed as recommending the infringement of any patent.
Houghton Rust Veto 4214 is also available in 5 Gallon Pails.

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