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Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929

Aerosols For Trucks

Keller-Heartt offers an array of fast acting aerosol cleaners and lubricants to maintain trucks and fleets. Our products will help you save time and money in production and repair by preventing corrosion, reducing wear from friction, and cleaning grease and grime from any surface.

Our aerosol products come in cases of 12 cans and range from light-duty silicone sprays to heavy-duty lubricants to meet the needs of different equipment and workstations. Use the Sprayway Glass Cleaner to clean windows and mirrors or the Sprayway Industrial White Grease Lubricant to lengthen the lifespan of metal-on-metal parts. If it is a universal product that you need, the 18 oz. WD-40 can is a one-stop shop spray that can do it all.

Make maintenance easy with aerosol cleaners that clean faster than traditional products and lubricant protectants that penetrate deeply. Whether it's the workshop floor or a chain link surface, Keller-Heartt has it covered.

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