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Oils & Lubricants for Industrial, Automotive, Diesel and Aviation, Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929
Quality Lubricants & Fluids Since 1929

Grease & Lubricants

Where there are moving parts, there is potential for wear and corrosion, but an effective lubricant keeps metal machinery working better, longer. Keller-Heartt provides industry leading oils and lubricants in a wide variety of sizes, including 55-gallon drums of Shell Tellus Hydraulic Oil with excellent viscosity control to a 5-gallon pail of Shell Omala, synthetic gear oil perfect for severe operating conditions.

We supply a diverse catalog of Shell, Pennzoil, and WD-40 lubricants. Our Shell Spirax transmission fluids, ranging from single bottles to cases of 12, have special frictional properties to help protect transmission systems. Or, try our Pennzoil automatic transmission fluids, which include Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF or Pennzoil ATF +4 for Chrysler-specific vehicles. The range of brands and product grades ensures that a variety of systems are catered to.

Maintain a cost effective operation by taking advantage of our competitive prices and bulk sizes, especially for our 55-gallon Shell Caprinus oils. We also provide 24-hour shipping and free shipping on specific products.

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